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Top 10 L Meeting Destinations in 2023

These are the best L meeting destinations in New Europe, according to Meetings Star, the annual ranking and award curated by the editorial board of Kongres Magazine and Conventa.

What is the Meeting Experience Index (MTLG)?
An original matrix for evaluating destinations, published every year by Kongres Magazine. It is a reference system that enables a realistic comparison of destinations over time. The Meeting Experience Index is one of the most complex destination evaluations that is not based solely on the number of congresses or events taking place at a destination but also delves into analysis holistically. The methodology addresses all key segments of the industry and MICE products. 75 evaluation criteria are used to determine the final destination score.

What is New Europe?
The answer to this question is something of an unsolved conundrum. A clear definition of New Europe doesn’t exist, the most general definition being that these are the countries of Eastern Europe that were once behind the Iron Curtain. Technically, this means 24 countries of Eastern Europe, adding Greece and Turkey to them. In our Editorial, we include the fresh, energetic and lesser-known European destinations in New Europe.


Winner:  LJUBLJANA, Slovenia and TALLINN, Estonia 

Our evaluation team described Ljubljana as an inspiring city that grows on you. The city’s trump card is its diverse range of experiences centred around landscape diversity, heritage and access to nature. Ljubljana is a step away from nature and the picturesque countryside. Guests can experience parts of Slovenia even in the city centre or venture out of town after attending an event. Everything is within arm’s reach. That is why Ljubljana is ideal for organising events responsible to nature and society. Ljubljana has everything more renowned meeting destinations do but offers all that in a boutique, enticing and professional package. The professional team of the Ljubljana Convention Bureau, operating under Ljubljana Tourism, has a clear vision and strategy. To conclude, our evaluation team wrote Ljubljana is a prototype of a modern meeting destination, as it offers a green, healthy, safe and stress-free environment for event organisers.

Our evaluation team vividly described why Tallinn is a leading destination in this category. Giorgio Armani once said elegance does not mean being noticed but being remembered. That is, in a way, a definition of timeless elegance and minimalism we believe Tallinn represents. Combine that with incredible professionals and a start-up culture enshrined in Estonian society, and it seems Tallinn is the perfect event destination. Tallinn is home to professionals who always keep their promise and walk the talk. That is one of the reasons we believe the outpost stands out in the so-called second-tier category of destinations. Development plans are afoot throughout the city – from new hotels to meeting venues and destination management initiatives. The Estonian Convention Bureau and the Tallinn Convention Bureau work hand in hand to promote the city. Other destinations can take notes. Tallinn is the heart of the Baltic meetings revolution because it invests tremendously in hotels and venues. Tallinn has an offer that far exceeds the city’s size. Tallinn is a superb choice, should you wish to organise your event in Armani style.

All finalists:

● Bratislava, Slovakia
● Gdansk, Poland
● Graz, Austria
● Hague, Netherlands
● Krakow, Poland
● Ljubljana, Slovenia
● Riga, Latvia
● Salzburg, Austria
● Tallinn, Estonia
● Thessaloniki, Greece
● Venice, Italy
● Vilnius, Lithuania
● Zagreb, Croatia

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