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The 10 Best Resort Meeting Hotels In 2022

These are the best resort meeting hotels in New Europe, according to Meetings Star, the annual ranking and award curated by the editorial board of Kongres Magazine and Conventa.

What are resort meeting hotels?
Resort meeting hotels are full-service accommodation establishments, that, in addition to ample conference capacities, also offer entertainment and recreational facilities and are positioned in scenic locales, seashores, beaches and ski resorts. The majority of evaluated hotels come from seaside resorts in Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia and Alpine tourist centres in Austria.


10. Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera, Zadar, Croatia

The hotel, which is managed as a resort by the Falkensteiner group, is located on the Punta Skala private peninsula near Petrčane. Within the complex, you can find the Diadora family hotel, an apartment complex, and the luxury Hotel Iadera. The building is located directly by the sea and blends beautifully into its surroundings. It is one of the Adriatic’s best-kept resorts, with fine architecture enhanced by fine landscaping and beautiful Mediterranean vistas wherever you look.


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10. Gorski Hotel & Spa, Kopaonik, Serbia

The new hotel intertwines the architecture, flavours and tastes of the most famous and cosmopolitan Serbian mountain. Gorski Hotel & Spa sits in a spectacular location in the heart of the skiing amphitheatre of Kopaonik. In the winter, the skiing resort is reminiscent of an ant colony, whereas, in the summer, the mountain offers a perfect starting point for team activities. A phenomenal location thus awaits guests in the heart of the ski resort. A large part of Kopaonik is protected as a national park where a rich adrenaline offer awaits visitors. In addition, the mountain is famed as a cycling and hiking destination, where visitors can even go on mushroom and blueberry hunts in the vast forests. 


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9. Hotel Gut Brandlhof, Saalfelden, Austria

If you are a skier, driving towards Saafelden will give you a tingly sensation. You will want to grab your skis and head to the nearest ski lift station or put on a pair of hiking boots and take off into the mountains. The region is the heart of active experiences in Austria, famous for its excellent hotels. A special family hotel was built, a stone’s throw away from the ski slope at a spectacular location. It was the vision of husband and wife duo, Birgit and Alexander Strobl, who grew the small family hotel into one of the best hotels in the region. Sitting on the edge of Steinerne Meer mountain massif, the estate stretches across 450 acres of land, allowing their offer to develop in a big way. 


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9. Hilton Rijeka Costabella, Rijeka, Croatia

We must admit that the Czech investors JTH Holding chose a superb location for the hotel. It is perched on a marvellous spot, with all rooms overlooking the Gulf of Kvarner. A location right by the sea has its perks, including a secluded private beach stretching 200 metres. The hotel is embedded into the steep hillside and does not appear too colossal from the entry side. What is essential to the eye is hidden on the side facing the sea. A diverse and rich hotel offers await on several floors. The tranquil location between Preluka and Kantrida seems a match made in heaven for such a resort.


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8. Lazure Hotel & Marina, Hercegnovi, Montenegro

In the town of Meljine, the Venetians constructed a lazaretto in 1732. The building overlooks the strategically important entrance to the Bay of Kotor. In its golden days, the building served as a checkpoint for product import and a quarantine station for sailors who returned from long voyages across the seven seas. The lazaretto built here was the first stop for merchant ships in the South Adriatic seas, where sailors had to quarantine for at least 40 days. Russian investors with a knack for details thoroughly revamped the representative building. In 2018, the historical part of the hotel first opened its doors. An annexe building soon followed with 104 hotel rooms and a small marina. 


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7. Viceroy Kopaonik, Serbia

Kopaonik is exceptional. From the summit, Pančić’s Peak (2017m), a picturesque view opens up, from where visitors can admire the mountains of Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro. Kopaonik is an old mountain range, and its name derives from plentiful precious metals discovered here. It boasts several titles, including the highest mountain range in Serbia and the largest Serbian skiing resort. Avid skiers can ski on slopes stretching over 62 kilometres at altitudes ranging from 1500 to 2000m. The new Viceroy Kopaonik sits just a stone’s throw away from the slopes. During winter, guests can stroll to the ski lifts located in the social hub of the destination. A better location for a prestigious hotel is hard to come across.


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6. Hotel Monte Mulini, Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and romantic Mediterranean cities. The boutique hotel is located next to the most beautiful bay in Rovinj, just off the city centre along the main coastal promenade. The leading Croatian tourist company has created a superior tourist area with hotels of various categories in the protected park forest Zlatni rt, where, besides the Monte Mulini, the design Hotel Lone, Hotel Eden and Hotel Grand Park, which opens its door in April, are located. Due to its exclusivity, the most prestigious Maistra hotel is included in the chain of The Leading Hotels of the World, which has been bringing together the world’s most luxurious hotels since 1928.


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6. Hotel Lone, Rovinj, Croatia

The hotel is a comprehensive artwork, an exhibition of top design, and an art gallery, has a design hotel concept, and a presentation of local knowledge throughout. Hotel Lone, which we evaluated for the first time in 2013, is all this and more. Therefore, the time has come for a re-evaluation of this five-star hotel, resembling a luxurious ocean-going cruise ship, settled in the middle of Zlatni rt, a protected park on the outskirts of Rovinj. The innovative concept of the tourist company Maistra and architectural office 3LHD has perfectly passed the test of time. Eight years after opening, Lone is a synonym for top design and superior service. Lone is getting better and better every year.


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5. Kempinski Palace, Portorož, Slovenia

We trust our hidden guest assessors best, and the last visit showed how well the unmistakable patina suits Hotel Kempinski Palace. The veduta of Portorož would be indistinguishable without the hotel that has dominated the destination for the past 122 years. The hotel is the historical and contemporary heart of the tourist offer in Portorož. At the same time, Kempinski Palace is possibly the most Instagrammable point in the most tourist town in Slovenia. Amid a slew of picture-postcard views in the city, the ones from the hotel park are unmistakable. Kempinski Palace is, put bluntly, the heart and soul of Portorož, as it always has been.


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5. Grand Hotel Kempinski, Strbske Pleso, Slovakia

With its glacial lake, Štrbské Pleso is the most popular skiing, tourist and health resort in the High Tatras. The Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras made its way into the magical landscape and created something very special. At an altitude of 1,351m, the mountain fresh air makes it a climatic health spa, perfect for treating respiratory diseases. The hotel consists of three mutually connected accommodation units. As a whole, the hotel fits nicely with its surroundings and it is known as one of the most prestigious Kempinski hotels, suitable for even the most demanding of congress guests.


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4. The Chedi Luštica Bay, Tivat, Montenegro

Upon our last visit to The Chedi Luštica Bay, we wrote that a new tourist city is emerging within the Trašte Bay. More precisely, a modern village is growing in the peninsula of Luštica, which surrounds the iconic entrance to the Bay of Kotor. The heart of Luštica remains The Chedi Luštica Bay hotel, a hotel constructed in cooperation with the Asian hotel chain GHM. Seamlessly blending with the Mediterranean architecture of the city, we were impressed by its awe-inspiring horticulture during our latest visit. What renders the location prestigious are the views of the Adriatic blue sea, with the Lovčen mountain chain embracing the bustling marina in the background.


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3. Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro, Tivat, Montenegro

In the middle of one of the most picturesque Adriatic bays a prestigious marina has grown, which is also where the new Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro is set. The luxurious hotel offers an unforgettable experience in the middle of a marina with 400 berths for mega-yachts. Mega-yachts of more than 50 meters in length are common and the development of a formerly neglected area has completely transformed the image of Tivat and turned it into a luxury Adriatic tourist destination. The Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro is the second hotel in Europe and seventh in the world of a Taiwanese luxury hotel chain.


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2. Grand Park Hotel, Rovinj, Croatia

The spectacular, terraced hotel is located at the entrance into the Monte Mulini area, which has now, with the completion of the hotel, become a complete architectural and urban entity. Together with the new ACI marina, an extraordinary space has been created, which impresses with superb planning, the horticultural arrangements, the urban equipment and the well-thought-out details. The premium architecture speaks for itself, but it also says a lot about the investors and the kind of attitude they have towards their own history and environment. The Grand Park Hotel is proof that taking the local context into account pays off.


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WINNER: 1. Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden, Austria


In their final evaluation, the hidden guest assessor noted that the hotel is led with German precision and flaunts Austrian charm. It is unparalleled in the regional meeting industry in terms of comfort. What makes it stand out is the professionality, heartfelt approach and youthful enthusiasm displayed by the hotel staff. They excel in their job. In our opinion, this is the essence of any top-tier meeting hotel. Upon meeting an inspiring and enthusiastic hotel apprentice in the hotel, guests can grasp the concept of the meetings industry. Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden not only deserves the award as a superb hotel but as an inspiration to the youth who want to work in our industry because of such hotels. The slogan “Welcome Home” is well-deserved!

Read the full Hidden Guest evaluation here.

Join the gala award ceremony and congratulate the winners

The gala ceremony for the winners will be held during Conventa, taking place between 1 and 2 February 2023 in Ljubljana. In this category, the following certificates, divided into three sub-categories on the premise of achieved points in the hidden guest evaluation, will be announced:

22 GOLD certificates – final score from 4.81 to 5.00
19 SILVER certificates – final score from 4.61 to 4.80
3 BRONZE certificates – final score from 4.41 to 4.60

The Meetings Star Award has been awarded for the past thirteen years by the editorial board of Kongres Magazine and Conventa to the best destinations, meeting hotels, venues and meeting professionals. Since its inception, the selection has become a recognised accolade by event organisers and the industry. It is considered one of the rare awards based on comprehensive criteria and ratings by hidden congress guests, whose visits are unannounced. They are industry professionals with rich experience in event organising and extensive knowledge in the hotel business. Furthermore, the assessors have verified references in ensuring the quality of their work in the meetings industry, thus ensuring clients get objective insight and the reliability of the methodology. Our hidden guest assessors strive for objectivity and aim to be fair, meticulous, reliable, well-organised and pay attention to detail, evaluating 654 tangible criteria.

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